Slave Lake Critter Sitters

Hello Slave Lake and Area! I’m Sarah York, your local pet sitter. With me in this picture is my husband Jordan and one of our four-legged fur babie, Ellie! We also have two cats named Oreo and Gizmo. Together we have been running a pet care service for 10 years.
I started offering pet cares services in Thunder Bay, ON, approximately 10 years ago. The business grew, so Jordan began helping me out. In 10 years of pet care providing we have cared for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and other small pets. We also have some experience looking after livestock. Such as horses, donkeys, chickens etc. I also became certified in Pet first aid and CPR and we both have our criminal record checks. Jordan finished his university career in 2015, so we left Thunder Bay as he searched for work. We’ve continued to offer pet care services everywhere we settle down.
We have been running pet care services in Slave Lake for four years now, after moving to the area in 2017. I remain the primary care giver. Jordan steps in to help when he’s needed. We both work full-time jobs and are members of Lesser Slave Lake Search and Rescue, so sometimes the provider is whichever one of us is available. We’re both experienced pet parents and pet care providers. While we’d love to care for everyone’s pets, this is a small operation so spots for bookings are limited.
All new clients require a meet n’ greet before any service can begin. This ensures your pet can become familiar with us and we know everything required to provide care for them while you’re away. Please make sure you leave time for this before trying to book care for the first time!
This meeting is free. I will come to your house to meet your pet(s) and discuss a care plan that works for you. I also require for you to provide emergency contacts and sign a form that grants us permission to enter into your home.
Notice of price increase:
As of October 1 2021 there will be a visit price increase.
Unavailable dates:
We will be away this year for Christmas and New Years. Dates to be posted.


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