Lakeside Firewood

Greetings all, we are a new family owned and operated firewood supplier currently servicing the Big Lakes region. Our firewood yard is located in the rural Faust area on Hwy 2 and is open for business!

We have in stock dry standing spilt spruce and season dried split poplar too. We will be stocking up on Birch and Tammarck, once it become available after camping season into Fall.

I'd also like to mention, Lakeside Firewood offers 1 CU/FT mesh firewood bags. They are made from a strong mesh material, green in color, fully labeled, 20''x 24'' in size and are filled to capacity with dry split spruce, plus we include some kindling pieces for your lighting convenience and not only that, the mesh bags are totally reusable as well.

The Lakeside firewood bags are located in the heart of the Lesser Slave Lake region & Big Lakes County, at these retail outlets as listed below:

Speedie Mart (Slave lake), AG Foods (Kinuso), General Store (Faust), and Superette (Joussard). So get yours while quantiles last!.

And for all of you hardcore outdoor enthusiasts or for your house heating needs, we sell bulk quantities (cords) as well.

The dry standing spruce is trucked-in, cut & split into 12" lengths which is perfect for campground fire pits or can be custom cut various lengths if needed for other applications. Cord sizes range from 1/16 to full cords, but unfortunately, we are limited to only selling up to 1/2 cords at this time, due to my supplier's timing and demand.

Split & Cut Spruce prices as listed:
>1/4 Cord 32CU/FT - 1x4x8 measured out stacked split wood = $80. (Approx. Short box load)
>1/2 Cord 64 CU/FT - 2x4x8 = $150 (Approx. Long box with sides load)
>3/4 Cord 96 CU/FT - 2.8x4x8=$200. (Approx.. Small Trailer with sides load)(sold out for now)
>Full Cord 128 CU/FT - 4x4x8 = $250. (Approx. 8x12 flat deck trailer with sides load) (Sold out for now)

Poplar cut & split in 16'' lengths :
>1/3 Cord (facecord) 32CU/FT - 1.4x4x8 of measured out stacked split wood = $80.
>2/3 Cord 64 CU/FT - 2.8x4x8 = $130.
>Full Cord 128 CU/FT - 4x4x8 = $200.

Firewood delivery is available in the Big Lakes region, to the town of Slave Lake and High Prairie upon request for an extra fee.

For any further pricing and additional info or to place an order, please call today or any day @ 780-805-WOOD/9663 and we will be more then happy to assist you with all your firewood needs!

Slave Lake Firewood