Seasoned Dry Split Firewood

Firepit Wood special 130

This month's special Fire Pit wood various sizes, lengths, and species for a 6'6 " box tossed for 130.00 and we also cage of cookies for 100.00
We are processing 30 inches pieces for the Outdoor Boiler Heater Units which we are offering Aspen, Spruce, Pine and Tamarack from 6 inch diameter and up with the confirmation of order.
We have a person to met people at the woodlot which is by appointment only and we have people working.
We have woodsheds for drying of the Firewood in order to be able to dry the wood to get the firewood to season properly.
Be aware of wood being sold right off log deck which being sold by my competitors for moisture content and claiming the wood is seasoned and some cases ready to burn.
In my experience the wood takes numerous days to dry to a point that the wood will burn without the aid of fire starter or additional air flow to keeping the fire a live.
So ask lots of questions such as how the trees have been harvested and how long the wood has been split.
If the Time frame is less than a year there no way the wood will be seasoned without splitting and being dry pile for at least 30 to 60 days depending on the weather conditions and temperature to be ready to burn.
We have a person on call.
Please call ahead to set up an appointment because we might out on a delivery.
We are now selling bundle wood of seasoned spruce for 10.00 per bundle.
Fill a pickup 6'6" box level of seasoned spitted Balsam which is less than 1/2 Cord which you toss in for $140.00 or stacked for $30.00 more.
Price for rounds various sizes up to 6"-inch diameter spruce rounds or 6'6" box is 140.00 for this month's special if you stack the load and tossed price is 110.00.
Stock up now for the upcoming heating season for your Wood Stove in your cabin or house and get ready for outside fire pit season before we are sold out of seasoned firewood for this Winter.
Aspen, Balsam, Popular, Tamarack, Birch, and White Spruce stored in shed, and we are currently processing White Spruce, Black Spruce, Aspen and Tamarack in lengths of 14 to 19 inches.
We are cutting Aspen, Tamarack, Poplar, Spruce and Balsam rounds which are ready for people to pick up for those who want to split their own or burn as is.
We are taking bookings for to have the split wood load your truck right off the conveyor when we are processing by appointment only for a discounted price.
Seasoned wood has a Moisture level under 20% and best is around 12% and we have Moisture Tester on Site which there is ongoing testing is on the product to confirm Moisture Levels.
Tamarack burns hotter than Birch and leaves little Ash.
The highest BTU value of wood is Tamarack at 20.8 then Birch at 20.2 and at third is Aspen at 18.2 and the values are rated in BTU in Millions per cord of wood.
Aspen is the best value for your dollar for heating purposes.
If you are comparing our prices to other suppliers that sell loose bulk firewood (about 95% of the others sell it loose) a cord is not the same as stacked firewood is almost always
about 25-30 % less volume for a tossed load of firewood.
Most places "guesstimate" what a cord is by skid steer loader buckets full or the size of truck dump box or trailer dump trailer.
This is Not even close to accurate, so if you find a "cord" of birch is $100 less
than our price I would be very suspicious that you are not getting the same quantity of Firewood.
There is a loading fee and delivery fee for delivery are also available.
Prices are dependent on quantity and distance to travel with higher gas prices and inflation which have affected the delivery fees.
Please call the Wood Guy at 780-689-6457 and leave a message, or email, or text 780-689-6457 because I am out cutting or splitting wood.
Then we can set up an appointment for pickup we need 48 hours notice for a delivery.
Please give us some notice such as 7 to 14 days' notice due to weather conditions may affect loading, delivery times due to demand and time to load.
We are located north of Athabasca on Highway 813.
Travel 3 kms Northwest of Town center and turn south at the Agriplex travel another 3 kms south and west into the woodlot.
Site Id 6640020 Range Road 224.5 SE-30-66-22-W4.
I like to thank those who understand the higher operating costs and continue supporting us with the rising costs which are being passed on.
Talk to you soon .
The Wood Guy