Crime Reports

A local business owner discovered they had been passed counterfeit 20 dollar bills this week. Pictures are circulating on Slave Lake Community Discussion boards warning residents and businesses to keep an eye out for these fakes.
Several other stories of these counterfeits have popped up for over a year across Canada. Other businesses we spoke to said there has also been an increase in the number of "look-alike" coins from other countries that appear to be loonies or toonies but turn out to be foreign currency.

One local business owner commented that it's hard enough for small businesses to thrive in the current environment, this is the last thing our community needs.

While there is no confirmation that the person using this did it intentionally, it is the responsibility of everyone using cash and businesses accepting it to carefully inspect cash.

Slave Lake residents are fed up with local crime and thefts causing one group of friendly neighbors to step up and catch a thief in the act of trying to steal a Motorhome on 5th Ave this past weekend.
"Somebody tried to steal our motorhome that was parked in our driveway, he made it halfway down the street and people from our neighborhood caught him, location is 5 ave."
The post garnered many other members of the community discussion board to tell stories of other recent thefts in the area including a Quad that had been taken days before.

Beware! Two guys were breaking into vehicles and tried to steal a quad from 1A AVE SW. at 4:20 AM on August 29, 2021.

Shared from Facebook
"Good Morning Community.
I am upset with the lack of respect shown by a few people. Yesterday a man in a Grey Truck about 3 pm came and dumped his mattresses and garbage behind the Friendship Centre not only are you illegal dumping up have caused unnecessary work for the staff. To make matters worst we have a sign to please drop off donations during business hours, this morning all the donation dropped off are sitting behind the dumpsters wet and dirty and not useable again extra work for the staff. We will look at installing camera to have these people charged, why do a few people make it so difficult for others. Sorry for having to share this but so totally unfair to the staff who are very busy with keeping our Centre clean and safe for others."